International practical conference

«Organization, development, and transformation of HR functions in

industrial innovative corporations in China»

DATES: April 22 - 26, 2024

FORMAT: face-to-face

To provide an opportunity to visit the central offices and factories of the largest Chinese
companies, the event will be held in two cities in China: Beijing and Shenzhen.

Vice Presidents of Human Resources of Companies Huaneng Power International Inc, China
National Nuclear Power, Power Construction Corp.of China ltd, China Energy Engineering,
Huawei, BYD Auto share practical experience.


• Ensuring speed and low cost in design, manufacturing and construction. Increased
labor productivity;
• Staffing;
• Development and rapid launch of new products (high-tech/digital);
• Work with personnel reserve and management succession;
• Training;
• Overall reward and goal-setting system;
• Performance management by organizational structures;
• HR aspects of partnerships with Chinese companies;

Conference format:

• No more than 30 participants;
• Support of 2 languages ​​using simultaneous translation (Russian and Chinese);
• Presentations by speakers from state corporations;
• Each presentation is about 50-70 minutes;
• Opportunity to ask questions to speakers.

Conference audience: Vice-presidents, HR directors from corporations and holdings with
several geographically separated branches and/or subsidiaries from different business areas

To receive the conference program, please contact:

+ 357 22 007896

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