The international practical online conference «Electronic docflow. Legislative regulation. Safety at EDF»

Dates: February 25-26, 2021

Venue: online

Speakers from foreign and Russian companies, as well as representatives of regulatory and government agencies, are invited to share their practical experience.

The main focuses of the conference are the following blocks:

Legal aspects of EDF regulation.

Complete legally significant electronic personnel document flow with employees.

Security is an essential part of EDF.

Electronic digital signature.

Transition to electronic work record

AI/RPA/Blockchain in EDF.

Attending this conference will allow your company to:

  • Choose the best option for storing electronic documents.
  • To discuss the strategy for the introduction of EDM to obtain the maximum economic effect.
  • Analyze the possibilities of automating business processes using EDMS.
  • Assess the prospects for the development of legal regulation of EDF in Russia.
  • Learn about the specifics of using different types of EDS.
  • Set up a convenient and cost-effective exchange of electronic documents with external contractors.

Conference audience:

Presidents, Vice-presidents, Directors, heads of departments:

  • EDF.
  • HR.
  • CFO.
  • SSC Directors.
  • Accounting and reporting.
  • It and automation directors.

from corporations and holdings with several geographically separated branches and/or subsidiaries from different business areas, as well as service providers, consultants, representatives of law firms, and regulatory authorities.

The format of the conference:

- online conference;

- number of participants-no more than 50 people;

- support for 2 languages with simultaneous translation;

- each presentation is about 40-45 minutes long;

- the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers

To get the conference details and agenda:

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