International on-line conference «Best HR practices in 2020. Future strategies. International experience»

Dates: June 25-26, 2020
Venue: online meeting

The format of the conference:

- online meeting;
- number of participants - 30;
- simultaneous translation of 2 languages-English and Russian;
- the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

As part of the international online conference "Best HR practices.Future strategy. International experience" we will talk about the ways in which companies support the involvement of their employees and manage human resources in the current economic, epidemiological, and post-epidemiological conditions.

Invited speakers from Engie (France), Schneider Electric (Singapore), GE (France), Schneider Electric (USA), Rosatom (Russia), and many others will share their working strategies and experience in the era of digital HR transformation. Which technologies are better to use now, in order to optimize the cost of staff in the future and increase the company's profit.

A very important and unavoidable process is the formation of a culture of virtual learning. Speakers will reveal the topic of distance learning. How to successfully switch and not lose quality.
The global pandemic situation at the beginning of 2020 led to a reassessment of the effectiveness of work in the field and affected the fact that in a short time most companies were able to transfer employees to remote work. In this regard, we will talk about how the business will develop after the current situation, what decisions companies make, and how the interaction and environment will change.

Attending this conference will allow you to:

- Find out what positions and how profitable it is to transfer employees to remote work;
- Optimize the staff in a crisis and avoid mass layoffs;
- Apply advanced information technologies to automate HR processes;
- Build a digital transformation strategy for your company.

Conference audience: Vice-President for HR, HR-Director, HR-business partner, Head of HR Department, IT-Director, Director of Business Transformation, Development Director.

The Bravo Business Forums team would very much like to hold this face to face conference, but this is not possible at this time, so we are happy to hold an online meeting for senior HR managers to discuss important issues about HR management and solve urgent tasks.

Feel free to contact us for the conference program and information about the cost of participation

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