International practical conference "Pharmacovigilance and registration of drugs under the new rules of the EAEU" 8-9 of October 2019 Moscow


The main goal of the conference: the exchange of practical experience in the registration of medicines and pharmacovigilance, between representatives of government bodies and businesses of the European Union and the common space of the EAEU.

Companies that agreed to share their experience: FAGG-AFMPS Belgium, State Agency of the Republic of Latvia, Boehringer Ingelheim Germany, Abbott Laboratories GmbH Germany, Merck Russia, Tatkhimpharmpreparaty Russia.

Among the invited speakers:

• Eurasian Economic Commission

• Roszdravnadzor

• National Center for Expertise of Medicinal Products of the Republic of Belarus

• National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Products of the Republic of Kazakhstan

• Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation


During the conference there will be a practical workshop: “The master file of the pharmacovigilance system”


Key topics will be:

• Review of recent changes in the current regulatory framework of the EAEU pharmaceutical market

• Peculiarities of applying for a national registration certificate when a Eurasian

• Practical experience in conducting pharmacovigilance procedures in Europe

• Inspection of pharmacovigilance systems


Conference format:

We are supporting two languages: Russian, English.

Not more than 80 participants, for convenient communication.

Each report about 45 minutes, then there is the opportunity to ask questions.


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