Siemens SSC

The main services transferred to the SSC: EDI-administration, Contact Center, Global Mobility and Business travel / Controlling, Consulting services, HR, Accounting / Finance, Procurement / Logistics, Business administration.

Robotic processes: HR, Accounting / Finance, Procurement / Logistics, Business administration.


Johnson & Johnson Global Service

The main services transferred to the SSC: HR, Finance, Procurement.

Robotic processes: Finance, Procurement. 


Site tours include:

  • Corporate Presentation
  • Shared Service Presentation
  • Challenges and Q&A
  • Floor wals around main services

 Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the operational ins and outs of running a ‘best in class’ Shared Services Centre
  • A rst-hand look at how companies operating in this space use innovative methods to create company culture, attracting and retaining millennial staff
  • Acquire rst-hand knowledge by speaking to those who head up the operational SSCs
  • Share your thoughts and questions about the technological solutions and their practical ROI
  • Network with SSC professionals from across Europe in a more relaxed setting following the conference

Acquaintance with international experience on this conference will enable you to:

  • Find new strategies of improvement
  • Increase the economic efficiency of your SSC
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients
  • Apply advanced information technologies for process automation in SSCs
  • Learn about thelatest trends in multifunctional SSCs
  • Analyse advantages and disadvantages of RPA implementation
  • Compare the level of your SSC with different European SSCs
  • Look into future

Learn from Key Practical Case Studies:

  • Successfully organizea SSC for new functions
  • Enhance the performanceof your SSC and gain an economic benefit
  • Enhance the quality of your CRM system
  • Choose the best benchmarking strategyto evaluate your SSC performance
  • Automation of SSC processesfor performance enhancement
  • Implementation of RPA in main services
  • Pros and Cons of RPA implementation
  • New trends in HR due totransformation



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Why you should participate

  • Workshops

    2 Workshops
  • Practical reports

    15+ Practical reports
  • Round tables

    2 Round tables
  • Informal communication

    Lunches, coffee breaks, cocktail reception



  • Why participate

    • New friends
    • Trending speakers
    • Actual performance
    • Informal communication

  • Audience of the conference

    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Heads of the department:
    • Of export Quality control and standardization, REACH and CLP, Technical regulation, Product Safety, Marketing, Foreign trade activities

  • New members

  • How to register

    • the drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – and we will send You all the conditions for registration
  • Venue

    • 17-19 October 2018, Budapest, Hungary
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The conference in figures

18+ presentations

Case studies and reports from practical representatives

15+ sessions

With breaks for coffee breaks and lunch for networking

3 days

Day 1 – workshops Day 2 and 3 – business program
Side visits to Eaton, Avis, Viacom + conference day

80+ participants

The format of the conferences – 60-80 participants for a comfortable exchange of information

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