Due to the difficulties created by the spread of the COVID-19 in Europe and around the world, all conferences during April will be postponed to the second part of the year.
Bravo Business Forums hopes that the inconveniences of this situation affect only the business, and not the health of us or our families.

6-th practical international conference «Clinical Trials in Russia and EAEU»
The conference was postponed to the first half of 2021.


International on-line conference «Best HR practices in 2020. Future strategies. International experience»
June 25-26 2020, on-line meeting.


7th practical international conference “The Unified Drug Market EEU”
23-24 September 2020, Moscow, Russia.


19th international practical conference "Shared Service Centers. International experience of transformation"
October 19-21, 2020, Budapest, Hungary. 


12th international conference "Implementation of Global Chemical Safety Regulation"
6-8 October 2020, Europe.



Each one of our event is

1. The leaders of industry meeting place

2. A source of an exclusive information and practical experience

3. A platform for negotiations and sourcing of new contacts for your business


There are three formats of Business Bravo Forums Events:


The events with 10 to 30 participants, including one speaker and 2-4 market experts; the duration is about 2 – 8 hours, concerning one question (topic). Usually are held on the day before a thematic conference.




The events of 50 to 500 participants, raising and discussing the issues of specific market, and lasting 1 up to 3 days. The conferences, arranged by us, are held in CIS, Europe and the Middle East.


Round Tables

The events of 10 to 50 participants,  as a rule, raising several issues of a specific market. The round tables are usually conducted in a mode of life communication. Every willing person is welcome to join the discussion.

Often are held as business lunches.


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The source of the exclusive information and practical experience
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